Twango is now officially part of Nokia........

E' il titolo di un email che ho ricevuto in questi giorni, in cui si annuncia che Twango è entrato a far parte di Nokia. Bene. Auguri e figli maschi! Riporto di seguito il contenuto dell'email per quanti fossero interessati a
saperne di più. Buona lettura;-)

"This is an exciting moment for Twango. When we started Twango back in 2004, we set out to create a media-sharing service that would embrace and build connections between people. We wanted to make it easy for people to share the media they choose in whatever way they choose. So it was thrilling to learn that a company of Nokia's global stature and resources shared that vision.
Before we get into the details, we'd like to offer a sincere "thank you" to the many loyal Twango members around the world who pushed us to improve the service and helped build our member base by sharing their own great media.

>>What are the reasons behind the acquisition?

We realized that we shared with Nokia the same long-term vision for personal media and online communities. But there is a practical limit to how much of that vision we could achieve as a small company. As part of Nokia we will be able to more quickly deliver on our shared vision of enabling you to capture and enjoy your personal media anywhere, at any time, from any connected device, in any way that you choose.

» Will Twango only be available to users with Nokia phones and devices?

Twango will continue to be available to all web users via almost any connected device. We will continue to support the PC and Mac. Mobile Devices with XHTML browsers will be able to access the Twango mobile site (mobile.twango.com). And, as always, almost any mobile device can upload media via MMS and email using Twango's unique email upload interface. Nokia mobile devices will be optimized for viewing and sharing media via the Twango service for the best possible experience.

» What impact will this have on my current service and my media?

As Twango joins the Nokia family, our service will continue to operate without any major interruptions, although there will be some minor changes to our service.

  • For the foreseeable future Twango's name will stay. As we grow Twango into a more global service we may decide on a name that is more suitable. If, at a future date, the name were to change, our members will be notified in advance.
  • Your Twango account ID and upload limits will not be affected at this time - you can upload media and share your media in the same way as you did prior to the acquisition. There have been no changes to your channels or settings.
  • Certain individual features (in-place online video playback, entering location information, and maps) will be temporarily unavailable for a short period as we make adjustments to the site in the coming weeks. Members will be notified when these features are reinstated via the home page, our blog and member emails like this one.
  • As part of the acquisition, we have made one minor change to the Twango privacy policy. This change is to allow Twango data to reside on servers outside the US, in order to accommodate the global nature of our business.
You can find out more in the acquisition overview, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and press release. If you still have an unanswered question or concern, please send us an email at info@twangoteam.com.

We feel very strongly that the road ahead as part of Nokia will be great for Twango's members, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the months and years ahead. Enjoy your media,The Twango Team"

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  1. Utilizzo da tempo twango, che trovo un ottimo servizio. Può essere una buona cosa che sia stato acquistato da Nokia.

  2. Beh, staremo a vedere che cosa succederà!


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